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About us

WYT is a platform for creators, passion chasers and experts to share their expertise, build engaging communities and actively monetise their skills, content and products. Our vision is to empower creators and experts with holistic tools to run their show and build their businesses, their way!

You do many different things everyday, but really, what is your thing? What drives you, gets you going? What is it that you are passionate about, or want to be really good at? Are you new to your trade, or a master at it? Newbie or an expert, we are here for you! We provide you with upskilling, networking and monetisation opportunities, and all we ask for in return is, What’s Your Thing!

Frequently Asked Questions

WYT stands for What’s Your Thing! We are a platform for creators to build online communities and monetise their expertise through features like organising live sessions and workshops, listing and accepting orders for their products and payment solutions.

We build products that help creators take care of their influence and finances while they work on their inspiration. We help creators and experts generate social and economic value through tools to engage and monetize their communities and sell their products and services.

We charge a monthly subscription fee of Rs.1500/- for access to all creator tools on our platform. And the best part, it comes with trial access for the first 15 days for you to get to understand the platform better. We DO NOT charge any commissions for whatever money you make through our platform.


Our hard working team

Bharat Kumar


Ex Unacademy, Ex Meesho, NIT Rourkela